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Misiones 2979 Mar del Plata Argentina (cp 7600)

Tel 00542234726568

Email [hidden email]



Issued date:   16 February 2019

Expiry Date: 25 February 2019



Company X under penalty of perjury hereby issue this full corporate offer with given terms and
conditions and confirm our readiness and capability to execute straight to Sales and Purchase
Agreement with end buyer, with the ability to supply the following commodity according to the
terms and conditions stipulated in this full corporate offer.


                                           SPOT TRANSACTION  

Product Used Rails (Scrap)

Origin Russian Federation

Specification International Export Standard

Trial Quantity Vessel  50,000 MT or Buyer choise

Total / Contract Quantity: 600,000 MT/Year 

Price CIF USD 240

Payment SBLC MT760

Packing CUT: 1,5m in bulk

Inspection IASC GIDERMET or Similar by Seller

Loading Novorossiysk Port Russia

Delivery CIF 


Performance Bond 2% PB in Favor of Buyer

Commission  $10 Per MT

Insurance 110%



1. Seller sends Buyer FCO with price, procedures and terms     

2. Buyer sends ICPO with full banking details and Company registration/Passport copy       

3. Seller issues Draft contract open for amendment if any, Buyer sign and return back.       

4. Seller Legalizes the Draft contract, and send the final approved contract to Buyer via
Secured Email service along with PPOP which include:  

A. Company Registration’s Copy  

 B. Certificate of Origin   

C. Statement of Product Availability.   

D. Commitment to supply  

E. Export License  

F. Product certificate of origin       

5.  After confirmation of PPOP by buyer. Both Buyer and Seller sign charter party agreement
with the seller nominated shipping company and buyer make 50% payment of shipment value
via MT103 TT.     

6. Seller submits all documentation stating buyer as legal title holder and owner of allocation to
the shipping company and also Issue to the buyer CERTIFICATE OF OWNER SHIP

7. Buyer’s confirm and issue payment instrument DLC MT 700 through swift for the first total
lift able trial shipment, within 5 working days, seller transfer title approved by the ministry of
energy to identify the buyer’s company name as the beneficiary owner of the product allocation.   

8. Seller issues all Proof of Product including the SGS based on international analytical report/

BILL OF LADING to buyers through secured E-mail     

9. In accordance to instrument presented by buyer’s bank, Seller’s Bank replied with 2%PB to
activate the letter of credit issued by the Buyers Bank.     


10. The delivery commences as per the Schedule program in the contract. Inspection by SGS for
Quantity and Quality pay by the seller at the port during loading and send to the buyer including
all the necessary shipping documents via secure E-mail and Courier.     


11. Product is shipped to the destination using CIF terms. After successful arrival at destination
port inspection and testing of product through SGS or CIQ or equivalent at the Buyer’s expense,  
Within 5 banking days of vessel arrival at buyer discharge port, buyer release the full payment
of product.       


12. Seller and Buyer pay for all their intermediaries as per NCNDA and IMFPA.     





Seller Seal and Signature                                                       Buyer Seal and Signature

On behalf of Board and Management                                   On behalf of Board and Management


Specifications  Used Rail R50-R65

Used Rails (R50/R65) Cut to 1.2 meter lengths (standard) Chemical composition shall be
according to: R50 GOST 7173-75 weight 51.67 kg/meter R65 GOST 8165-75 weight64.72 kg/
meter c = 0.54- 0.82% Si = 0.18-0.40% Mn = 0.60- 1.05% S = 0.04% MAX P = 0.035% MAX As=
0.01% MAX ofmass share S: =0,035 % max


Carlos Bacchella

Sudamerican Group Argentina

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TEL 00542234726568

EMAIL [hidden email]



Date: JANUARY 25h, 2019





Proposed by:

(seller authorized)


The undersigned company, CRCR INC. located in ONTARIO CANADA is an reputable

Seller Company.

Hereby issue this FULL CORPERATE OFFER with full corporate and legal responsibility, under penalty of perjury

confirms that we are ready, willing and able to provide.

The commodity pricelist that we offer is varies and subjected to change without prior notice base of flotation

and development in international energy market.


1. Technical terms: USED RAIL R50-R65

2. Origin: Canada-UK.- CIS Europe

3. Specifications and Chemical


Used Rail: R50 (51.67KG/Meter, GOST 7173-55),

Used Rail: R65 (64.72KG/Meter, GOST 8161-75).

Size & Weight: Length: 12meter ~ 12.5meter Maximum or less according to buyer’s instruction;

Width: 5.5 inches; Weight: 64.72Kg.

No fishplates or steel pieces or bolts are attached to the used rails. All rails are clean and straight.

No pitting. Only atmospheric rust.

No heavy rust. It is mandatory that Rails must be cut into length 1.2 meter (max.) before shipment.



Mn: 0.60% - 1.05%;

C: 0.54% - 0.82%;

Si: 0.18% - 0.40%;

S: 0.04% Max.;

P: 0.035% Max.;

As: 0.01% Max of Mass Share;

Cr: Residual

4. Norms - R-50 / R-65

The scrap consists of R-50 / R-65

Used Rails shall be considered free of alloys when the residual alloying elements do not exceed.

5. Packing: Container or Bulk Shipment.

6. Inspection: Inspection will be carried out by SGS or any reputed inspection agency for quality and

quantity/weights at the load port. A certificate issued by the inspecting agency will form part of documents

along with B/L, Invoice etc. Also cargo inspection by SGS or a reputed inspection agency will be carried out at

the destination port on arrival and a report to the effect will be issued.

7. Quantity: at request of the buyer, the total quantity during on contract is 4.000,000MT, probable

to increase more.

Minimum loads 30.000MT, to load on CIF Chittagong Bangladesh

8.Commercial terms:

8.1 Price: USD $ 290 /MT Gross CIF Chittagong Bangladesh

8.2 Payment: By DLC or SBLC or irrevocable non-transferable Documentary letter of credit payable

100% at sight (will be provided by the bank of the buyer to the bank's selling a pre-advise of DLC

or SBLC after signing of the contract),, subject to the condition that the goods are received as per

specification mentioned in the contract at the destination ASWP port and verified by an independent

inspection agency and a certificate issued by the agency to that effect, also cargo inspection by SGS

or a reputed inspection agency will be carried out at the destination port on arrival and a report

to the effect will be issue certificate rail is also totally free of radioactive contamination

8.3 Performance Bond: The seller shall provide 2% of DLC value as performance guarantee.

The buyer agrees to arrange for inspection at destination port at his cost within a period of 3

(three working days from the date of receipt of notice of arrival of the vessel carrying the

mentioned Goods.

Guarantee: on the strength of which the DLC will be transmitted.

8.4 Insurance: Shall be arranged by the seller.

9. Shipment terms:

9.1 Terms of shipment CIF.

9.2 Port of Loading: TBD(to be determined)

9.3 Port of discharge: Mediterranean Port ASWP indicated by Buyer

9.4 Trans-shipment Allowed

9.5 Partial shipment Allowed

9.6 Shipment date: Within 35 working days after receiving the L/C from Buy’s Bank

10. Documents:

10.1 Signed commercial invoice in triplicate.

10.2 Full set of three originals and three non-negotiable marine bills of lading issued blank

endorsed, freight prepaid.

10.3 Certifícate of origin.

10.4 Inspection certificate for quality and quantity /weights at the loading port and at the destination port

issued by SGS or a recognized inspection agency.

10.5 Third party documents are acceptable.

10.6 Export permit.

10.7 Assay certificate

11. Procedure:

Seller issues FCO at Buyer .

Buyer sign FCO at Seller., and confirm with a Full ICPO + passport copy

Seller sends Buyer the draft contract.

Seller and Buyer confirm contract and procedure.

Seller and Buyer sign contract and exchange (3) copies.

Buyer’s Bank sends pre-advice DLC or SBLC to Seller’s Bank .

The quality and quantity of the goods must be confirmed by SGS at the loading port with the Seller.

expenses of

Seller sends Buyer the commercial invoice and the Buyer sign it back to the Seller.

Seller must insure that the first shipment will be shipped within 15 working days of receiving Buyer’s

L/C. Bank’s

For each shipment, Buyer’s bank will release L/C payable (value equals to the current shipment) to Seller

within one day of the submission of the presentation documents at the discharge port : CERTIFICATE OF

ORIGIN, SGS REPORTS in discharge port for quality and quantity, COMMERCIAL INVOICE. If within 3

working days the Buyer does not submit the SGS report in discharge port, the Buyer’s Bank will release the

L/C to Seller’s Bank.



Carlos Bacchella

Sudamerican Group Argentina




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